Novelty Construction is ready to provide you with a turn key driveway, including driveway replacement, driveway repair, decorative driveways and much more. Concrete driveways look great providing a strong foundation for driving while withstanding weather conditions. 

Patios & Pools

A concrete outdoor space is the perfect gathering place to catch up with friends and family while enjoying the beautiful weather. Novelty Construction will create an outdoor space that is attractive, practical, and affordable. We pride ourselves on using the finest quality of materials. 

Repair & Replacement

Your concrete gets put through a lot. Not only is it responsible for holding up against several tons of vehicular metal and rubber, but it also has to endure storms, sleet, and, of course, those blisteringly hot summer days. Plus, since your driveway is one of the first parts of your property that visitors experience, it should have an attractive, clean appearance that complements the exterior of your home. Novelty Construction will demo and replace your concrete surfaces for a modern and safe environment. 

Footings & Foundations

Ensure a strong foundation with Novelty Construction. We take pride in serving Tulsa with footing and foundation solutions that meet all city codes. We are happy to provide the dirty work and concrete services for your upcoming project. 

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